Trans International LA ea-2763

メーカー: Evil Angel
品番: ea-2763
配信開始日: 2021-04-28
収録時間: 0 minutes
Ramon Nomar presents "Trans International L.A.," his very first foray into transsexual porn! The heavily hung director/star casts sophisticated TS beauties blessed with pretty faces, hot bodies and hard, throbbing bonuses, and he provides the stud service in two of the four scenes! Ramon's virgin trans experience comes with TS superstar Aubrey Kate. Longhaired, blue-eyed Aubrey caresses both of their dicks as they French kiss. They share candle wax and foot fetish. Ramon manhandles Aubrey with anal reaming, and she gives ass-to-mouth head. Ramon cums on her tongue; Aubrey pumps she-semen onto her tits. Stylish in black ...Read More
lingerie and refined makeup, transsexual Alexa Scout easily deepthroats Wolf Hudson's thick prick, and she gives him a fervent rim job. Her she-meat twirls as she takes a skin-slapping ride. Alexa masturbates, shooting a syrupy load. Wolf splashes her with a cum facial. Comely, artfully tattooed TS Lena Moon teases, showing the hard truth lurking in her panties. She sucks Dante Colle's big cock, interrupting her reverie to stroke both of their shafts in one hand. Dante spits in her winking sphincter and then buttfucks her into the floor. Her asshole gapes widely. Lena jacks his jism into her mouth. Ramon returns in a freaky threesome with longhaired trans star Natalie Mars and cisgender MILF Joanna Angel. The scene is a round-robin of fellatio, fucking, double penetration and Joanna's fountains of girl squirt! At the end, everyone shares sperm-flavored kisses.

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